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Psihicul și viziunea of users actions payment, subscribe, unsubscribe and access logs. The purposes of collecting the personal data are the following: traceability of the registration at the ISTT events, if there are any requests, observations or complaints of ISTT clients; processing the on-line payment via euPlatesc.

With whom do we share your personal data? On-line payments The www. Traffic analysis and statistics ISTT site can automatically collect your personal data, only for traffic and statistics psihicul și viziunea as the time of your visit on the page, the visited pages, operating system and IP address — for Google Analytics application, which is responsible for your data. We use Google Analytics, offered by Google Inc. In this case, you will not be able to use all the website functions.

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How long do we keep your personal data? If you send us a message from Contact section, or if you subscribe to the Newsletter or an ISTT event, your data are kept for an unlimited period. For users who subscribe to ISTT Newsletter on our website, we store the personal information delivered on their profile.

Istoria depresiei – de ce ar trebui să ne preocupe?

All the users are able to view, edit or delete personal information any time they want. In addition, the website administrators can see and edit your information.

psihicul și viziunea

Which rights do you have on your data? In addition, you can ask to have all your personal data deleted, if any of these are not the ones we have to keep for administrative, security or legal purposes.

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Your requests for revision or deletion of your personal data have to be sent at the following e-mail address: gdpr istt. For any misunderstanding, question, dissatisfaction or suggestion, please contact the organizers. Participants will keep confidentiality on all information from the case studies presented or in the workshops they attend.

  1. Simptome de alarma care necesita consult psihiatric: — auzul unor voci cand nu este nimeni in jur — auzul gadurilor in cap cu voce tare — a avut ganduri sau pareri care au parut neobisnuite sau stranii altora — a simtit ca oamenii ar fi impotriva sa — a simtit ca primeste mesaje prin radio sau TV — a simtit ca cineva il spioneaza sau comploteaza impotriva sa cu scopul de a-i face rau — tendinta la izolare sociala IV.
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Participating in the event involves taking responsibility for their own feelings and managing them. Disregarding these terms and conditions confers the organizers the right to limit the attendance of the person in question.

Invoices are automatically generated using the info filled by you in the registration form. In case of non-participation, the event registration fee is NOT refundable. Pentru o cat mai buna desfasurare a evenimentului, orice nelamurire, intrebare, nemultumire sau sugestie va rugam sa le adresati organizatorilor.

Participantii vor pastra confidentialitatea asupra tuturor informatiilor aflate din studiile de caz prezentate sau in cadrul atelierelor de lucru la care participa, Participarea la eveniment presupune psihicul și viziunea responsabilitatii pentru propriile trairi si gestionarea acestora. Nerespectarea acestor termene si conditii confera dreptul organizatorilor de a limita participarea la eveniment a persoanei in cauza.

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  • Tulburarile de sanatate mintala –

Facturile sunt generate automat cu informatiile completate de dvs. In cazul neparticiparii, taxa de inscriere la eveniment NU este rambursabila.

The button will open recuperează-ți vederea rapid online registration form.

Tulburarile de sanatate mintala

In case the ISTT event takes place in more than one day, you can choose to attend the whole event by selecting all the daysonly one event day or any other combination of days.

If the current event has discounts options available, you can also select the type of discount that suits you e.

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In this case, it is required to show us a document that proves your discount option e. The ticket fee will be shown right after you have chosen your participation options, above the Attend button.

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Psihicul și viziunea after, you will be directed on the euplatesc. If the online transaction will be successfully completed, your reservation at the ISTT psihicul și viziunea will be approved and you will automatically receive an e-mail from workshop istt. In case the online payments is unsuccessful not authorized within one houryour reservation will expire.