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Raga indian pentru vedere. 4 motive pentru a alege Amritara Raga on the Ganges Rishikesh

Raga indian pentru vedere claritatea vederii a căzut

Total 7,3 The location is awesome Loved the walkway The owner is extremely nice - he made sure that we got good parking The food was also very nice Rahul India The staff could not be more helpful and the manager really stepped in when I had lost my mobile phone.

The location is absolutely amazing and the rooms are well appointed. Ours had a terrace with fabulous view over the Ganges.

Raga indian pentru vedere din care scade vederea ochilor

The gardens were very nice. Julie Marea Britanie A resort currently being renovated with small nice bungalows all very idyllically located and overlooking the Ganges. The staff is very friendly and the accommodation is clean.

Cea mai adâncă India

As construction work is still in progress April there may be some noise. The price for the accommodation seems too high and should be adjusted in this phase of construction or renovation polo construction, gardening, house renovation The restaurant is good but the character should get a little more atmosphere because everything looks very cold and therefore looks a bit like a train station.

Raga indian pentru vedere

In a few months everything will be very nice! Likewise it would be very pleasant for female guests if Raga indian pentru vedere women would work in the team!

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